The Things You Must Consider When Planning to Buy a Photocopier

The first thing that you must always consider whenever you will buy a gadget or equipment for your office is its capacity to address all your needs. It is necessary that the one that you must purchase should cater to all the work required in your company or office. Thus, before investing in a photocopier for your company, it is imperative that you first read what we have to say about this investment.

1 – Should you buy or rent?

There are three ways on how you can acquire a photocopying machine, it is either you can buy, rent and lastly lease. Purchasing a new device will give you peace of mind even if it will break down too soon because it is covered with a warranty. Thus, you will not have any problem because you are protected for at least a year or more.

If you contemplate on purchasing second-hand equipment, checking the original date of manufacture is imperative. You must look for another seller once it is over four years old because it might feature some damage already. Meanwhile, leasing equipment can be more cost-effective compared to renting. For this type of process, you will only need a small cash outlay while getting tax benefits for your company.

Compared to leasing, renting is more flexible yet more expensive. It is merely because it is available annually, monthly, weekly and even daily. However, make sure that your provider should not tie you into a fixed period.

2 – Factor in long-term use.

When investing in a Ballarat photocopier, consider the fact that you are using it for many years to come. Running costs will depend on what type of machine you choose. Toner, drums, fusers and other consumables are some of the additional value that comes along with the equipment. And take note that those parts are supposed to last at least five years. It may not last long if your company produces large volumes of papers daily. The thing is if you choose the one with more expensive hardware, you will accumulate fewer running costs.

3 – How often will you use it?

Make sure to check first if you can take advantage of all the features that the model you wish to buy possesses. If some things are not useful for you, skip that. Lastly, you are okay with an entry-level model if you only produce small print volume.

4 – What is the printing speed?

Finishing the work as fast as possible is imperative most especially to companies that deliver bulk printing — because of that, finding equipment which can provide a practical solution to this concern has become the primary goal of many big company owners. Focus on searching for a Ballarat photocopier with remarkable printing speed. It is an essential feature if you are looking to meet deadlines every day at the office.