3 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Transition to Childcare Centre

While going to a childcare centre is beneficial, keep in mind that not all children are open to that idea. Most of the time, children at age three to five are still overly attached to their parents. That means if you’re a parent who’s strongly considering child care, yet you have an anxious child who doesn’t want to see you leave their side, you’ll have to do a lot of convincing to sell them the idea of learning new things while you’re not around. Doing so can be a daunting task. But we’ve got you covered.



Listed below are three ways you can do to ease your child’s transition to childcare:


Visit Together


To help your child adapt to the environment inside the childcare centre, you should consider visiting together and spend time there, either in his classroom or on the playground. While there, give them all the reasons to want to enrol in the centre. Once you’ve caught their attention and interest, tell them that they can only continue to be there if they are open to staying at the centre without you. Don’t worry – by the time you say this, your child is pretty much sold on the idea.



Transition Gradually


Tip number one doesn’t work for most children. If this happens, you should transition your child gradually. Let them integrate their new environment by slowly showcasing the entire centre to them. You can ask if you can stay inside the childcare centre one your child’s first day. You can also ask if your child can stay a little longer each day. If it’s your child’s very first time being away from you, start with an hour. Based on how he or she reacts to the new environment, work close to her teachers to find a transition timeline that will push her a little more each day. That way, she’ll be comfortable.


Tell Your Child What to Expect


Sometimes, simply telling your child what they’re going to experience when going to a childcare centre is already more than enough to entice them to want to enrol. By telling them all the good things about going to a childcare centre, they’ll be excited and would want to start right away. However, bear in mind that this doesn’t work for every child, so don’t expect too much.


Taking your child to the childcare centre is the easy part. But convincing them to go there is going to be chaos. So, make sure you follow these tips to help your child ease their transition and make the entire experience worthwhile for you both.