How Often Should You Go To A Dentist Near Findon?

During the 60s, dental examinations of people entering the military in the USA show that the teeth of Americans were in terrible shape. Few people took dental care seriously back in the day, which is the reason why they had bad teeth and gums. There were no guidelines for how frequently you should see your dentist since at the time, many dentists focused more on fixing problems, instead of preventing them. The situation is also the same here in South Australia, where there isn’t a firm indication of how many times you should visit your dentist near Findon.


The Twice-a-year Rule


That’s when health and dental organisations decided that there is a severe need for setting the standard for promoting preventive dentistry. While they didn’t have any evidence to support their client, they made the best recommendation: they recommend that people should see their dentist at least twice a year for examination and cleaning. The reason is that cavities and gum disease are preventable.


Some claim that the first use of the ‘twice-a-year’ dental advice came from Pepsodent toothpaste. However, whatever the origins may be, one is pretty clear at the moment: It has proven to be a useful rule of thumb for most people. However, while that may be the universal norm, scheduling your dental visits is your habits, oral hygiene, and dental condition.



Visit Your Dentist Anytime You Want


While it is widely recognised that you should see your dentist twice a year, it depends on your own needs and preferences. If you feel like going to your dentist on a quarterly manner, then, by all means, do it! There shouldn’t be anything wrong with visiting your dentist as often as you want unless your dentists tell you that your visiting way too often.


For Severe Oral Conditions


Another case is when you’re suffering from a dental condition such as tooth decay or gingivitis. Two dental visits per year are not going to be enough, especially if you don’t know what or how to treat it. Your dentist may make some recommendations after diagnosis, but your next appointment with him is six months away from that you can’t help but book for another appointment earlier than that when things go wrong or if your oral condition got worse.


The bottom line is that it is essential to assess yourself on how often you need to see your dentist near Findon. If going to the dentist is not an issue for you, then going beyond the twice-per-year rule shouldn’t be a problem.