Choosing Between Sliding Wardrobe Doors Versus Hinges Wardrobe Doors

If you’ve been looking for the ideal wardrobe that will fit with your room, then you may have come across sliding wardrobes and Hills Robes hinged wardrobe doors. Both wardrobes are built for specific purposes. Because of their unique functionalities, we figured that it’s just right to make an article that would differentiate them according to their specifications. That way, you can examine each variant and choose the one that fits with your needs and preferences.

Hinged-door Wardrobes

Hills Robes Hinged Wardrobe DoorsHinged wardrobes feature a door that swings open – much like normal doors that we see. It features a hinge that swivels out and in to open or close the closet. Here are some of the things that you need to know about hinged-door wardrobes:

  • The ideal depth for Hills Robes hinged wardrobe doors is 590 millimetres.
  • Hinged-door wardrobes require extra space to enable them to open into the room. So although the depth of the wardrobe is less than the depth of a sliding wardrobe, the space required is usually more when you take into account the doors opening space requirement.
  • Hinged doors have a maximum size of 610 millimetres, or two feet, so as not to put too much weight on the hinges.
  • Usually, hinged wardrobes have its floor built-in at the height of the plinth size of 100 millimetres.
  • It includes a full-width top shelf with some spaces above right to the ceiling.
  • If you go for a custom hinged door, know that there are no standard door sizes as most manufacturers try to suit your living space.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

As the name implies, this type of wardrobe features doors that slide instead of swinging open. So unlike hinged wardrobes, sliding door doesn’t open up, thus eliminating the need for extra space. It’s great for small homes with limited space.

  • The recommended depth of the sliding-door wardrobes is 650 millimetres.
  • If you have limited space, then the standard 650-millimetre depth can be reduced by changing the way the clothes are hung. Keep in mind that these options can be discussed with a custom wardrobe designer
  • Each sliding door can be as wide as 1,200 in width. You also have a choice of panel, mirror, frosted, colour glass, or sculptured
  • As with hinged wardrobes, there are no standard door sizes if you go with custom-made.
  • It also includes a full-width top shelf with space above the right to the ceiling.
  • There are no floors so you get maximum storage capabilities, especially for your shoes.

We hope this one-on-one comparison will help you choose which wardrobe is the ideal choice for you. Both the sliding-door wardrobe and the Hills Robes hinged wardrobe doors offer distinct features and functionalities, so choose wisely.