Popular Pergola Options

If you live in Australia, you know for a fact that summers are great and homeowners usually put in the effort to utilise their outdoor spaces to enjoy the sun once the winter comes to a close. However, if you find your outdoor area a little bare and boring, it is high time that you think about adding something that gives your space a visual upgrade and a practical functional at the same time. The best way to do it is by installing a pergola.

The presence of a pergola on your front or backyard will improve your home’s curb appeal considering its attractive design and looks. However, you should know that there is more to it than mere aesthetics. The thing is it is a feature that provides shade against the scorching heat of the sun, but at the same, it also acts as a perfect place for you to enjoy the outdoors without total exposure to the weather elements.

Another remarkable thing about a pergola is that you can choose from more than a couple of materials. Modern design and manufacturing techniques allow for putting one made from timber, aluminium, and steel. So, let us discuss your different material options when choosing a pergola to add to your outdoor area.

1 – Timber                                                                                                                              

While there are many new and modern building materials out there, timber pergolas Adelaide arguably remain as one of the favourites not only because they are readily available but also due to their reasonable price. If you wish to retain a classic look on your property, you should go for a timber pergola since the wood makes it easier for the structure to integrate to your classical home architecture and design quickly. You do have to understand that timber pergolas need rigorous maintenance if you want them to last longer and retain their attractive looks.

2 – Steel

The second option is steel, which by the way is an excellent option if you are mainly concerned about the sturdiness of your pergola. If you live in place or region where there is extreme weather like strong winds and torrential rainfall, the steel pergola makes sense since it won’t decay, rot, or give in to pressure that quickly. However, the downsides are it is pricier than timber pergolas Adelaide and does not look as attractive.

3 – Aluminium

If practicality is your primary focus in installing am arbour, then you should seriously consider the one made from aluminium. The reason is that aluminium is a perfect material for the outdoors since it has a low maintenance finish, lightweight, and does not give in to rust. It also is ideal if you live near the beach or coast since it can resist the ocean atmosphere.

Whatever the material you choose though, the sure thing is you are a clear winner if you invest in a pergola on your property.