Verandahs Adelaide Leaks & Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever. Yes, it’s cliché. But it speaks a lot of truth when it comes to outdoor structures like verandahs Adelaide. Unfortunately, as the years pass by, many Aussie homeowners find out that their precious, “waterproof” verandah isn’t so waterproof anymore. First, you’ll see a drop of rainwater coming down from the ceiling. You shrug it off, thinking that it’s just a minor leak. Then, the next thing you notice, you already have a hole in your wall. Is your verandah to blame? Absolutely not. If there’s anyone to blame for this matter, it’s you. Yes, it may sound harsh, but you may not have taken good care of your verandah throughout the years.

This lack of attention has culminated in your verandah succumbing to the harsh outside conditions. But worry not, as this article will serve to patch these problems and salvage your verandah from destruction. Click here to find out more.


Where’s that Water Coming from?

The most common reasons for a leaking verandah is the gradual deterioration of its bitumen impregnated foam. This portion of your verandah is used to seal and waterproof the backchannel that connects the verandah to the existing timber fascia – or wall – of your house. In the beginning, this foam is flexible and sturdy, providing a reasonable seal that blocks away rainwater and prevents it from entering your verandah roof. However, the effects of extreme heat and cold will cause this already compressed bitumen foam to harden and become brittle. It’s pretty much like chewing gum. It stays moist and soft while in your mouth. But once you spit it away and it gets exposed to the outdoor elements, it will become brittle. Once this happens to your bitumen, water can now work its way past the foam, carrying a flow of dirt, mud, and debris that will accelerate the destruction of your seal.


Stopping Leaks for Good

Verandahs don’t particularly last long without the protection of this bitumen foam. Once you start experiencing leaks and discover that it has deteriorated over time, the best thing you can do is to call your local verandah maintenance provider and have it reapplied. Most companies repair leaks permanently using a technique that completely covers the area where the verandah is attached to the fascia. In our case, we apply multiple coats to protect both your verandah and the foam that holds it to your wall. That way, you won’t have to deal with leaks ever again.

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